Robert Vano - The Story of a Man

Robert Vano - The Story of a Man

(Robert Vano – Příběh člověka), Adolf Zika / CZ, 2018
Czech version, 82 min

When he was an inexperienced eighteen-year-old boy, Robert Vano did some very brave things that would make an experienced guy proud but he is not a hero!

He touched the most famous men and the most beautiful women in the world, met the biggest icons of show business, but cannot not be considered a world-famous person. He earned thousands of dollars a day and never became a rich man. He never achieved much of the little that he planned and he did not even think about what he had done, let alone plan.

He left former Czechoslovakia to get rid of his life under the whip of a totalitarian regime and became at first a volunteer but later a slave to the American dream. He believed that there would be paradise, sun, palm trees and endless fun at the end of his journey but he soon learned that it was just an illusion. He wanted recognition, but he "only" had success in America. He eventually gained recognition, success and great media attention when he returned to his homeland, but it came too late for a gray-haired charismatic man with an American passport and his homeland was already split into two states.

A documentary film Robert Vano – “The Story of a Man" is completely different from other biographies of important people of our time because his approach to life has never been controlled by strong will and determination which are common factors for most important people. The viewers thus meet someone they can easily empathize with which is not so easy with other prominent people.