(Moonwalkers), Antoine Bardou-Jacquet / F, 2015
English / Czech subtitles, 107 min

Do you believe that Apollo 11 landed on the moon? If you think that the truth might be slightly different, Future Gate brings you the evidence.

In the days leading up to the Apollo 11 landing, the CIA were not fully confident about the success of the mission, and to be on the safe side, they dispatched their best killer named Kidman to make Stanley Kubrick film a faked moonwalk.

The operation gets beyond control when Kidman hires two losers for the job instead of Kubrick. Suddenly, their lives are at stake as they are all hunted by coldblooded killers from the CIA. But after all, someone has to film the landing.

The free spirit of the 60's, and a perfectly chosen cast guarantee that you will just love it.