Festival of Iranian Films 2016

13. 01. 2016 — 17. 01. 2016

There are those moments when our feelings won't let go. They shout out a path from our hearts. For only then can they remain - serene and exposed. We must make sense of their departure. To paint their exile from secrecy without shame. To seize it in every note. Every word. Every frame.

And then it is we who shout out our own path. Artists from a distant land. Shouting out over what others say. Trying to be heard. Telling you of our tales. Our lives. Our times.

Here with you... The curtains part. The lights go down. On our faces as on yours. And the magic comes; like it always does when it is from the heart - serene and exposed.

And you will see my land through my believing eyes. My eyes will become yours...

My eyes, your eyes

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