Burning Man - Desert Ritual Vol.2.

Burning Man - Desert Ritual Vol.2.

(Burning man - rituál v poušti), 2016
Czech version, 120 min

Become a part of the desert ritual - Burning Man.

Míša Rýgrová is an Art Production Manager based in Prague, working around the world, with over a decade of experience from theatre, film, art and music industry. She is “dust” addict ever since she stepped out of the car in Black Rock Desert.

She is actively involved in Burning Man community and culture since 2010. After years of volunteering in different roles, she has become Burning Man Project Fellow and is conducting research within the European Community to support the non-profit mission of Burning Man. Míša is also working with the teams from Education, the Regional Network and People and Operations to discuss and outline plans for the future and documenting Burning Man community innovation in Europe.