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Aid Kid in Oko 3/5

Aid Kid in Oko 3/5

Ondra Mikula aka Aid Kid is a young producer from Prague who has received the prestigious VINYLA award for Revelation of the Year 2015. During last three years, he has been pretty busy. He has supported famous artists in sold-out venues, played dozens of live shows and DJ sets, even worked on several sound design projects in Czech Republic and abroad. And then, of course, there's the self-titled debut album that took Prague's current electronic scene by storm.

It's been one year since the album first came out, so this is a great time to recapitulate with a brand new music video for the single 'Hidden Light'. In it, director Marek Partyš (Berlin Music Video Awards: DVA - Nipomo) and cameraman Marek Dvořák (Show!, David, Posedlost) tell a story of Tomáš Peržina, a blind Czech athlete. What would light feel like if we could touch it? The creative team answers this question with just the right kind of melancholic fantasy.

The video launch party will also be the premiere of Aid Kid's new live set. Visually, he created it with Pavel Karafiát, an experienced VJ from the LUNCHMEAT collective. He will be also accompanied onstage by several guests, including the cellist Terezie Kovalová.

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Ice and the Sky

Ice and the Sky

(La glace et le ciel) Directed by: Luc Jacquet, French version / Czech subtitles, 89 min

In his new feature length documentary, Oscar winning director, Luc Jacquet (March of the Penguins), portrays a series of adventurous journeys above the Arctic Circle undertaken by French polar explorer and scientist, Claude Lorius. These voyages led to the discovery of what is today a well-known phenomenon – global warming. The director uses the story of this courageous scientist and his groundbreaking discovery to spotlights the impact an individual can have on the future of our planet. Awards: IFF Bergen 2015: University of Bergen’s Gulluglen Award.

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Polské jazzové plakáty

Výstava představí výběr z výtvarně zajímavých polských plakátů, které zvali na četné hudební akce v socialistickém Polsku sedmdesátých a osmdesátých let. Jazz byl sice západním soundem ale v Polsku na rozdíl od Českoslovenka měl své velké festivaly a autory plakátů.

Music before film

01 - PJ HARVEY - The Community of Hope
02 - NIGHT MOVES - Border On Border
03 - LIL SILVA - Lines
04 - FRANKIE COSMOS - Outside With The Cuties
05 - BIBIO - The Way You Talk (ft. Gotye)

Partner: Radio 1

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