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Expo Outdoor Cinema (address: Vystaviste 67, Pred Prumyslovym palacem, Prague 7)
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Beasts of the Southern Wild, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Angels' Share, Garbage Warrior, The Kids Are All Right, Urbanized and more are all available on-demand and ready for your viewing!

In cooperation with Aerofilms’ brand new video-on-demand portal, AEROVOD, we present to you the first batch of English friendly films available for download or rent for a small fee. More movies will be added as this great service expands. Comments and suggestions are appreciated and should be sent to Thank you!

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Expo Outdoor Cinema Výstaviště: 3x Jan Svěrák

Expo Outdoor Cinema Výstaviště: 3x Jan Svěrák

V těchto dnech vstupuje do kin nový film Jana Svěráka Po strništi bos. Při této příležitosti jsme se rozhodli připomenout režisérovy první dva celovečerní filmy z 90. let – ve čtvrtek 17. srpna uvolněnou road-movie Jízda a ve středu 16. srpna digitálně restaurovanou verzi filmu Obecná škola.

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Good Time

Good Time

(Good Time) Directed by: Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie, English version / Czech subtitles, 100 min

Connie talks his beloved brother into robbing a bank, and it would likely have succeeded but for Nick’s limited understanding: he alone ends up in the hands of the police. While Connie tries to hunt down bail money to spring Nick, he discovers there are other ways to get his brother out of jail. Thus begins Connie’s protracted, nerve-racking search through a New York night reminiscent of Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. Independent NYC filmmaking duo Josh and Benny Safdie have constructed their hard-edged, over-the-top crime drama around the theme of brotherly love: mercurial Connie will do whatever it takes to help intellectually-disabled Nick, never once balking at the risks he takes to save him. Impressive, hair-raising scenes of violence alternate with long verbal outbursts by the two-bit denizens of the underworld, and here the fluid grace of Robert Pattinson’s blond character Connie commands center stage. For the role of the slow but volatile Nick, co-director Benny Safdie dove in with gusto.

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Varšavský podzim - filmové plakáty

Terryho ponožky pro nás připravili další povedenou a výraznou výstavu Varšavský podzim. Jde o mimořádnou kolekci abstraktního jazyka 70 a 80 let. Výstava je přístupná zdarma na schodech k sálu kina a v mezzaninu kavárny.

Music before film

02 - MR. JUKES - Leap Of Faith
03 - LORDE - Sober
04 - MATTHEW DEAR - Modafinil Blues
05 - MOSES SUMNEY - Doomed

Partner: Radio 1

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Address: Expo Outdoor Cinema, Vystaviste 67, Pred Prumyslovym palacem, 170 00 Prague 7

Purchase cinema tickets at The Expo Outdoor Cinema ticket office is always open at least 60 minutes before the start of screening. Tickets may also be purchased at cinemas Bio Oko, Svetozor or Aero. For reservations and information call 608 33 00 88 (on working days from 10am till 5pm).

Expo Outdoor Cinema would like to thank all of its visitors who arrive at screenings on time.

Drinks and food from the Expo Outdoor Cinema bar are allowed in the outdoor cinema area. Kindly be mindful of other visitors and mute your mobile devices prior to the start of the screening.

We reserve the right to change the program.
Audio or video recording during the screening is strictly prohibited.

Expo Outdoor Cinema’s dramaturgic partner and cinema operator is Bio Oko (Pro-Oko z.s.), production and technical support is provided by Stromovous, s.r.o. and Rozvojové projekty Praha, a.s. is cinema co-organizer and initiator.

Pro-OKO z.s., Františka Křížka 450/15, 170 00 Praha 7 IČ: 22842136, DIČ: CZ22842136. Price includes local taxes.