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Small Town Killers
Expo Outdoor Cinema (address: Vystaviste 67, Pred Prumyslovym palacem, Prague 7)
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Beasts of the Southern Wild, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Angels' Share, Garbage Warrior, The Kids Are All Right, Urbanized and more are all available on-demand and ready for your viewing!

In cooperation with Aerofilms’ brand new video-on-demand portal, AEROVOD, we present to you the first batch of English friendly films available for download or rent for a small fee. More movies will be added as this great service expands. Comments and suggestions are appreciated and should be sent to vratnice@aerovod.cz. Thank you!

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Přehlídka filmů Christophera Nolana v Biu Oko

Přehlídka filmů Christophera Nolana v Biu Oko

Christopher Nolan. Výjimečný tvůrce, který dokázal resuscitovat komiksového hrdinu, navázat na odkaz Stanleyho Kubricka a jeho Vesmírné odyseji a divákům po celém světě ukázat, že sny nemusí být vždy tak úžasná záležitost, jak by se nám mohlo zdát. Režisér, scenárista a producent, jehož filmy po celém světě vydělaly více než čtyři miliardy dolarů, nás každým svým novým dílem přivádí do světů, které jsme si mnohdy před tím nedokázali ani představit. V Biu Oko uvedeme na počátku července sedm jeho filmů. Všechny tituly uvidíte v originálním znění s českými titulky. Pro online nákup klikejte na čas ve žlutém poli zde.

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Night on Earth

Night on Earth

(Night on Earth) Directed by: Jim Jarmusch, English version / Czech subtitles, 129 min

NIGHT ON EARTH is a sequence of five comedies which occur simultaneously, but which span different time-zones, continents and languages. Each section focuses on the brief relationship which develops between a taxi driver and his/her passenger(s) as they drive through the night, sharing the space of a car interior, suspended between fixed destinations. The film begins in L.A. just as the sunset is being replaced by darkness, then moves into the night of New York, then Paris, then Rome, and finally Helsinki where, as the last sequence ends, the sun again rises, and the winter night fades back into daylight.

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Mad Max: Fury Road (1 July)
Night on Earth (2 July)
The Match Factory Girl (3 July)
Memento (6 July)
The Prestige (7 July)
Inception (8 July)
Two Is a Family (8 July)
Interstellar (9 July)
Amant Double (10 July)
Batman Begins (10 July)
Axolotl Overkill (11 July)
Dark Knight (11 July)
The Big Sick (12 July)
The Dark Knight Rises (12 July)
David Gilmour in Pompeii (13 September)
Norma | Vincenzo Belini (15 October)


Varšavský podzim - filmové plakáty

Terryho ponožky pro nás připravili další povedenou a výraznou výstavu Varšavský podzim. Jde o mimořádnou kolekci abstraktního jazyka 70 a 80 let. Výstava je přístupná zdarma na schodech k sálu kina a v mezzaninu kavárny.

Music before film

01 - BOSCO - Castles (ft. St. Beauty)
02 - ÁSGEIR - Stardust
04 - MAC DEMARCO - On The Level
05 - BOOKA SHADE - Eyes Open (ft. Craig Walker)

Partner: Radio 1

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Address: Expo Outdoor Cinema, Vystaviste 67, Pred Prumyslovym palacem, 170 00 Prague 7

Purchase cinema tickets at biooko.net. The Expo Outdoor Cinema ticket office is always open at least 60 minutes before the start of screening. Tickets may also be purchased at cinemas Bio Oko, Svetozor or Aero. For reservations and information call 608 33 00 88 (on working days from 10am till 5pm).

Expo Outdoor Cinema would like to thank all of its visitors who arrive at screenings on time.

Drinks and food from the Expo Outdoor Cinema bar are allowed in the outdoor cinema area. Kindly be mindful of other visitors and mute your mobile devices prior to the start of the screening.

We reserve the right to change the program.
Audio or video recording during the screening is strictly prohibited.

Expo Outdoor Cinema’s dramaturgic partner and cinema operator is Bio Oko (Pro-Oko z.s.), production and technical support is provided by Stromovous, s.r.o. and Rozvojové projekty Praha, a.s. is cinema co-organizer and initiator.

Pro-OKO z.s., Františka Křížka 450/15, 170 00 Praha 7 IČ: 22842136, DIČ: CZ22842136. Price includes local taxes.